Visuals Catch the Eye: TISA’s Latest High Rise and Interior Signs

Johnson Controls Exterior Day Signage Channel Letters by TISA

We live in a world where images, videos, and graphics relay information better than script to showcase our achievements and capabilities. The TISA team hired a professional photographer to capture completion photos of a recent install. We have a network of photographers local to our job sites that can take professional photos.

Johnson Controls Interior Signage and Vinyl Letters by TISA

Our recent endeavor for Johnson Controls was a high profile location in Monterrey, Mexico. The high rise installation included illuminated exterior channel letters on each side of the building. We have a longstanding relationship with Johnson Controls and take pride in the continued success with each project. In additional to the exterior signage, we installed interior signage on floors 5-10 featuring the company logo and vinyl on the doors to signify their strong brand presence.

Johnson Controls Exterior Dusk Signage Channel Letters by TISA

Our mission was to capture the signage prominence during the day and the brilliance of the illuminated letters in the evening. Professional photographers have trained their artistic eye to see and capture images creatively. They frame images with thoughtful and intentional consideration of composition, line, color, design, contrast, lighting and other factors to get the best shot. With each photo, they solidify their presence on the job site as valuable member of the installation team.

Johnson Controls Exterior Day Signage Channel Letters by TISA

Having a strong portfolio of our client’s results provides tangible proof of our global presence in the signage and branding industries. When we meet with prospective customers, we have the ability to pull from our arsenal of successful installs in various locations and varieties of signage not only globally, but regionally and locally. Philadelphia Sign and Pearce Signs have accomplished many brand conversion projects in exterior and interior signage over the past 3 centuries as well as together for global rebrand implementations.

Johnson Controls Exterior Night Illuminated Channel Letters by TISA

The TISA project portfolio showcases the alliance’s organizational strengths and goals. The appropriate completion photos can help get the point across. Logos, brand colors, styling, pictures, graphics and the storyline itself; all of these elements turn observers into customers. We choose to Invest in quality and carefully control our visuals to invest in our future success as seen in the latest install for Johnson Controls in Monterrey, Mexico.

Johnson Controls Exterior Night Signage Channel Letters by TISA

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