Building a Global Brand: Cross-border Marketing Strategies

If part of your growth strategy includes cross-border marketing, your brand must be translatable to a global audience. How can your brand connect universally and communicate your message to a demographic that may be less familiar with your brand? Here are some strategies for success in cross-border marketing:

  • Know your audience. Anecdotes abound about corporate missteps during roll-outs, when companies lacked a cultural understanding. Learn your market and be sure you can communicate how your product or service fills a need and satisfies expectations.
  • Clear messaging is critical when introducing your company and brand to a new audience. Messaging goes beyond language differences or design properties like color and graphics. Social and cultural differences also play a role in how your message is received.
  • When it comes to your company’s core values, make sure that all stakeholders are on board – starting at the top and throughout your organization. While the lingua franca and culture may differ, the values should remain the same.
  • Uniformity: maintain your brand image by establishing guidelines for your logo. Create a brand guide, templates and acceptable uses for your logo. This may vary based on the norms and standards of each country where you do business. This will help you maintain your brand at every point of contact with your customers, no matter where. Your company’s brand message should be consistent in every medium you use – from literature to digital media to the point of sale.
  • Signs are your most visible representation of your brand. Convey clarity, quality and accuracy by contracting with a single-source provider to manufacture, install and maintain your signage.
  • Choose vendors with a global presence. One sure way to guarantee consistency of quality is to select a vendor that you trust to deliver your brand message throughout your locations around the world. And, an experienced global vendor will also have knowledge of local laws, permitting, regulations and even holidays – all factors that matter when implementing your signage across borders.

Your brand should represent your values and tell your story in any language and any location. TISA has a global presence, including a worldwide network of manufacturers, installers and maintenance crews. TISA’s reputation for excellence and combined three centuries of experience is your guarantee of sign success. From concept to completion, TISA is positioned to help you meet your global goals.

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