Global Brand Implementation

Connect with your audience with your brand — globally, regionally and locally.

As the global leader in signage, TISA is positioned to translate your corporate identity worldwide through quality signs.

The International Sign Alliance is singular in our ability to implement your brand image on any scale — whether hundreds or thousands of locations. Global brand implementation for signage companies refers to ensuring consistent brand representation across different locations and countries. ​

From design engineering to manufacturing, project planning through installation, The International Sign Alliance can clearly articulate your brand message consistently in the most timely, cost-effective means possible. Maintaining a systematic approach, we successfully implement global brand consistency across different regions and locations through the following: 

Brand Guidelines: We develop comprehensive brand guidelines with our customers or design firms that outline the specifications, colors, fonts, logo usage, and other visual elements representing the brand identity. These guidelines are a reference for maintaining consistency in signage across various locations. 

Centralized Management: We are established a centralized management process to oversee the implementation of signage projects globally. This ensures that the brand guidelines are followed consistently and that the quality and standards of the signage are maintained.


  1. Local Regulations and Permits: We understand and comply with the local regulations and permit requirements for signage installation in different countries. Each region may have specific rules and restrictions regarding the size, placement, lighting, and other factors that must be considered.
  2. Site Surveys and Assessments: When are get started for your global brand, we conduct thorough site surveys and assessments at each location to evaluate the physical aspects, such as building structures, visibility, and environmental conditions. This information helps in designing and installing signage that is appropriate for each specific location.
  3. Design and Adaptation: While working with a team of designers who can adapt the brand elements to fit various types of signage, such as exterior building signs, channel letter signs, freestanding signs, directional signs, digital displays, etc. The design should maintain consistency while considering the specific requirements and cultural sensitivities of each region.
  4. Production and Quality Control: We are reliable signage manufacturers who can produce high-quality signage at scale and have have facilities nationally and internationally. Implement stringent quality control measures to ensure the finished products align with the brand guidelines and meet the expected standards.
  5. Installation and Maintenance: As the time comes to coordinate the installation process, either through local contractors or a network of trusted installers. Ensure proper training and guidelines are provided to maintain consistency during installation. Additionally, establish a maintenance plan to regularly inspect and repair signage to keep it in optimal condition.
  6. Project Management and Communication: Our effective project management ensures smooth coordination and communication between stakeholders involved in global brand implementation. Utilize project management tools, establish clear communication channels, and provide regular updates to keep everyone informed about the progress and address any concerns or issues promptly.

Our reach is unlimited.

We offer comprehensive solutions for your brand on every continent. We are your single-source provider for global brand implementation.

The International Sign Alliance values the relationships forged with our many satisfied clients: Adient, Yanfeng, Dell EMC, Harris, Lexmark, Willis Towers Watson, Johnson Controls, Bank of America, Avantor, Entegris, Signify among many others.

The TISA team is comprised of over 2000 professionals on 6 continents in 60 countries.

What is Global Brand Implementation?

Explore the intricacies of a comprehensive global brand implementation, from crafting visually compelling signage to managing consistency across diverse cultures.

TISA can go wherever you grow.