New Brand for TISA and Partners

The International Sign Alliance Rebrands

Global Sign manufacturer and provider of brand conversion services for many of the world’s most recognized companies introduces its own new logo for the alliance as well as each of the partners.

TISA logo family

Philadelphia Sign, Pearce Signs and Riemer Associates have united their brands to make a cohesive look. The logo family demonstrates unity of the companies with their services, process and overall brand family. The United States and United Kingdom showcase a set of colors that represent both countries and corporate colors. Each logo can stand alone, but when united, all can see the coming together of global entities to form the alliance.

“We wanted to create a new brand identity for TISA that would tie together all 3 partners. The slogan, fonts, colors, and icon represent each partner.” said TISA US Chairman Bob Mehmet.

“We are very excited about the new logo and how it ties together the 3 companies and tells our story of global capabilities and having a united logo that represent our businesses aligning.”

All partners agreed that the look of the brands needed to have some features that would unify each of the companies.

What we did was presented Pearce Signs and Riemer Associates with ideas of the possibilities of uniting the brands and what could be done. With great perseverance, we developed a design that would represent the new global brand.

Here is a breakdown of the TISA logo:
  • The colors: the Philadelphia “Red” is represented, the “Pearce” blue is in the logos. There is also connection to United States and Kingdom red and blue colors.
  • The Tagline: Bringing the World’s Brand to Life brought companies together to provide global sign services
  • The line: There is a line that appears in all of the logos between the Company name and the slogan
  • The shape: the teardrop is the dominant shape that appears in all of the logos.
  • The “P” – all of the logos showcase of “P” – Pearce Signs and Philadelphia Sign – it is obvious to see because of their company names, but the TISA teardrops show a subtle “P” shape in the arrangement of the icon. Riemer’s R shows a “P” that is forming the “R”.

The Alliance’s partners whose legacy in the sign industry is traced back to the 1700’s, has its locations in the US, UK and China, manufacturing facility in New Jersey and Nottingham, United Kingdom. TISA engages dozens of strategy partner companies in every region of the world to meet the demands of a client base that includes the likes of Adient, Dell, Willis Towers Watson, Yanfeng, Harris, and Lexmark to name a few.

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