The International Sign Alliance: Pioneering Environmental Stewardship

The International Sign Alliance (TISA) stands at the forefront of green technology, showcasing a commitment to environmental sustainability in our product offerings and green manufacturing practices. Through innovative and responsible methodologies, we engineer brand solutions that not only benefit the Earth but also enhance your bottom line. Join us as we explore our eco-conscious initiatives, designed to minimize our environmental impact while providing exceptional quality and service.

Lead-Free, Low VOC Paint: TISA leads the way in manufacturing practices that prioritize the use of lead-free, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint. By eliminating harmful substances, we ensure the safety of both our workers and the environment. This conscious choice not only reduces air pollution but also contributes to a healthier planet for future generations.

PSCO Sign painted with low VOC paint

Recycling Materials and Reducing Deforestation: As part of our commitment to sustainability, TISA takes great care to recycle materials in shipping whenever possible. By minimizing our reliance on virgin materials, we play our part in reducing deforestation. This proactive approach helps preserve natural resources and promotes a more circular economy.

LED Illumination for Lower Energy Consumption: We understand the importance of energy efficiency in today’s world. TISA engineers our signs to utilize LED illumination to contribute to a greener future. LED technology not only provides vibrant and eye-catching displays but also consumes significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting options. We help you minimize your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption while enjoying long-lasting, energy-efficient signage.

Lexmark channel letters LED energy saving letters

Lexmark channel letters

Thorough Recycling Program: We are dedicated to responsible waste management at TISA. Our comprehensive recycling program ensures that materials such as scrap aluminum, plastics, wood, painted and unpainted materials are sorted and directed to appropriate recycling stations. By partnering with reputable recycling facilities, we ensure that these resources are given a new life, reducing landfill waste and promoting a sustainable approach to manufacturing.

Solar Power: A Clean Energy Solution: TISA has taken a pioneering step towards renewable energy by installing a solar power system in our manufacturing facilities. As the first sign manufacturer in New Jersey and the country to embrace solar power, we are proud to fabricate signs using renewable solar energy. This commitment to clean power aligns with your own sustainability efforts and demonstrates our dedication to reducing carbon emissions and fostering a cleaner future.

Philadelphia Sign Solar Panels in Pennsauken, NJ is a partner of The International Sign Alliance (TISA)

With a strong focus on environmental sustainability, The International Sign Alliance (TISA) leads the way in green technology and responsible sign manufacturing practices. By using lead-free, low VOC paint, recycling materials, incorporating energy-efficient LED illumination, implementing thorough recycling programs, and harnessing the power of solar energy, we demonstrate our commitment to preserving the planet while delivering exceptional signage solutions. Together, let us pave the way for a more sustainable future where businesses can thrive without compromising the health and well-being of our environment.

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