Expanding the Global Brand for NTT
NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology services company that partnered with TISA to embark
on the implementation of interior and exterior signage throughout 326 sites in 69 different countries. 

On the exterior, TISA added channel letters to the buildings and vinyl on glass. For the interior of various locations, TISA applied vinyl on glass walls in places such as conference rooms and reception areas along with interior plaques and signage for wayfinding. In addition to signage and vinyl implementation, NTT had many of their offices painted by the TISA team. At the onset of the program TISA worked closely with the NTT team in the development of the sign family to ensure the signage met their visual goals, ensured global brand consistency as well as their financial objectives.

“In addition to signage and vinyl, NTT had many of their offices painted by the TISA team. We are more than signage, we deliver the global brand.”

The biggest challenge we had to overcome for this program was the aggressive timeline. From the start of the program NTT had a requirement to be completed by the end of 2019. The program was rolled out in 3 phases: Day 1 May – June for 10 locations, Day 2 July – September for 203 locations is, Day 3 October – December for 113 locations. By having the experience, resources ,local global partnerships in place and our commitment to our clients TISA was able to successfully deliver the NTT program on time and on budget.

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