Client Results

Baker Hughes

When General Electric (GE) and Baker Hughes (BH) announced their separation, a new brand identity for Baker Hughes was developed. All Baker Hughes sites branded with the GE name needed to become compliant by having the GE name removed and rebranded by September 2020. During this process, TISA prototyped the new Baker Hughes design and sign family in addition to assisting in material specifications. In parallel, TISA surveyed the top-tier priority locations around the globe to gain knowledge of current assets, develop the compliance plan, and to establish project budget. After TISA surveyed the priority sites, TISA was awarded 82 locations in 32 countries across multiple Baker Hughes product companies to complete the debrand project, install the new brand to bring the sites into compliance to meet the deadline.

Our time and effort in the Baker Hughes prototype and review was fruitful.  Feedback has been outstanding and our clients are very appreciative of our effort, quality and flexibility during this process.  We are fortunate to have such a great group of talented and dedicated team members supporting our clients.

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