The International Sign Alliance (TISA) spearheaded a significant rebranding initiative for GVC Group’s “Project Sunrise.” This endeavor involved the covert transformation of QVC into Entain. The initial rebranding effort served as a precursor to a more extensive project, to assess and rebrand prominent sites in London, Gibraltar, Vienna, and Manila—all to be accomplished within a tight six-week timeframe. This comprehensive process spanned from the initial engagement to the completion of site surveys, design preparation based on conceptual drawings, and the manufacturing and installation of new signage. The scope of work included diverse elements, from internally illuminated logos featuring purple LED lighting to expansive wall graphics at each pre-launch location.

In seamless collaboration with Entain, facilitated by TISA, we rapidly comprehended their mission and objectives, translating their design vision into practical solutions. Following the initial pre-launch revelation, our engagement extended to additional locations, such as Barcelona, Rome, Tel Aviv, and Brisbane.

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